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FPDA University has partnered with Tooling U-SME to provide self-paced e-Learning course bundles addressing specific technical areas; a Pick 10 bundle is also available if you prefer to choose your own courses.  Each bundle is assigned to a specific individual.

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 Online classes:

  • Cover a wide variety of topics
  • Are developed with the best subject-matter experts in the world
  • Include pre- and post-tests to help gauge mastery and ROI
  • Are presented at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels
  • Offer incredible ease-of-use for students, managers, and administrators
  • Captivate students with engaging, instructive multimedia
  • Are mapped to specific competencies

Courses include pre/post testing; managers can check test results, which courses have been scheduled, course completion status – for all enrolled employees.

We’ve gone through a rigorous process of mapping competencies defined by FPDA members as critical for the business, to technical skills e-Learning from Tooling U-SME courses.  Why Tooling U-SME? More than half the Fortune 500® manufacturers and educational institutions nationwide choose Tooling U-SME for workforce development.  Tooling U-SME is the training division of SME.  Like FPDA, SME is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to advancing manufacturing.


  • Tailored bundles (see below for bundle details):
    • Electro-Mechanical-Automation (35 classes): $795 
    • Fluid Power (20 classes): $595
    • Comprehensive (includes everything from the E-M-A and Fluid Power bundles): $895 
    • New hire/on-boarding foundational training (25 classes): $695 
  • Generic bundles:
    • 10-course bundle: $395
    • 20-course bundle: $595

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  • Course bundles must be assigned to a single employee
  • Bundles must be completed within 12 months
  • Participating companies must assign a coordinator to order bundles and track progress