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Classroom Training

Womack Training Options

Womack offers a variety of hands-on training courses for hydraulics, and is pleased to share those with other FPDA members at a discount.

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Recommended Training Resources

Industrial Distribution – the Sales Process

Cost: $32.00

Fundamentals of Industrial Distribution - The Sales Process. By Mitchell Harper & Norm Clark FPDA members save 20%!

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Financial Transactions of the Wholesale Distributor

Cost: $27.50

This text teaches readers to calculate and understand the key financial measurements in the Industrial Distributor's operations. This text is a must for branch mangagers or anyone responsible for financial performance. Written by Dr. Don A. Rice

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Closed Loop Electro-hydraulic Systems Manual

Cost: $77

This text was designed to help people involved with closed-loop electrohydraulic control systems. Because the discussion of the fundamental principles of amplifiers, ramp generators and comparators requires a working knowledge of electronics, the student will learn about voltage, current, resistance and capacitance in DC circuits. The manual covers the operation of open-and closed-loop servo valve and proportional valve systems, and design considerations such as valve sizing, actuator selection and feedback transducers. It was prepared assuming the reader has a solid understanding of fluid power concepts. FPDA Members save 10%!

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Lightning Reference Handbook

Cost: $29.00

Simply one of the best hydraulic technical reference materials around. Covers standards and practices, fluid power data, fluids, actuators, conductors, connectors, seals and more! FPDA members save 10%!

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Industrial Fluid Power, Vol 1 – 3rd Edition

Cost: $47.44 new

Basic Textbook on Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Vacuum. Study Text, Circuit Diagrams, Design Data Tables and Troubleshooting arranged for the Beginning Student.

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