FPDA University

FPDA University offers a two-pronged approach to employee technical training – access to comprehensive assessment testing based on industry consensus of key competencies and access to specifically selected online technical training courses mapped to job tasks and competencies that have been validated by FPDA subject-matter-experts.

Assessment Testing

Testing as a First Step

Managers may opt to use assessment testing as the first step to determine technical training needs. Assessment testing is ideal for measuring an employees’ industry specific competencies and determining if there are any knowledge gaps.

FPDA offers four distinct assessments: three test technical knowledge and competency in either Automation, Elector-Mechanical or Pneumatic-Hydraulics. The fourth assessment tests general technical knowledge as well as customer relations skills.  Once completed, the manager will receive a comprehensive results report. 

Follow these four steps to determine if additional technical training is needed:

Step 1: Purchase and assign an assessment to an employee

Step 2: Review the assessment results emailed to you

Step 3: Determine if a knowledge gap needs to be filled

Step 4: Purchase, create and assign a custom online Technical Training bundle

Click the respective link to view a description for each assessment below and find out how they apply to the 4-Step process.

General Information about Assessments


  • $50 each
  • $450 Pack of 10
  • $175 for Combo Pack (includes all four assessments)

Assessment Details:

  1. Assessments are completed online. Results are sent to the requesting manager within 3 business days of completion.
  2. When an assessment is assigned to an employee, the manager will receive the assessment code and instructions to pass to the employee for logging in and accessing the assessment.
  3. Once the assessment code has been assigned
    1. The employee has 4 months to complete the assessment;
    2. The assessment must be completed in one sitting;
    3. The assessment must be completed within 2-hours (no stopping or restarting)
    4. It is recommended that the employee NOT use reference material during the test; the goal of the assessment is to test their knowledge.