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FPDA Launches Enhanced Mentorship Program with Expanded Leadership Curriculum

At October’s Industry Summit, FPDA members learned about the next evolution of the association’s mentorship program. The program pairs aspiring future leaders with experienced executives from other FPDA member companies to improve and advance their careers. This unique approach has enabled mentees to gain new perspectives in addition to learning about industry best practices and leadership lessons from their mentors.  

“Now in its fifth year, the mentorship program was ready for an evolution,” said Bill Haley, FPDA Board Member and FORCE America’s Director of Business Development. “We have worked very hard to incorporate all of the feedback we have received about the program to date. We’re excited about the addition of structured leadership curriculum and really believe it will facilitate productive conversations between mentors and mentees.”

The re-envisioned program, rebranded as “Future Leaders in Motion,” is expected to launch in January 2022. Mentees in the program will follow a 22-month schedule incorporating live and recorded online content as well as in-person instruction at the University of Innovative Distribution and the annual Industry Summit. Mentees also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with professional career coaches.

“Adding this structured content improves the focus and intensity of the program,” Haley said. “The duration of mentorship pairings was open-ended before. Now we’ve put bookends on a 22-month commitment. We believe the sustained level of engagement throughout that time will really drive home the lessons and bring about meaningful improvement for the mentees. Mentees will still have regular meetings with their mentors, but will have so much more to discuss as a result of the ongoing leadership training.” 

For more information, visit the Future Leaders In Motion page on the FPDA website.


Employees of FPDA member companies who are interested in participating in the Future Leaders in Motion program should complete an application form on the FPDA website or contact FPDA Education and Programs Manager Maria Granone.

FPDA is also looking for people who are interested in becoming a mentor. Both mentors and mentees will be guided by several resources, including an agenda/schedule, identified tasks, and a step-by-step guide. Member companies can nominate mentors and future leaders via the FPDA website. For more information about the program, contact FPDA Education and Programs Manager Maria Granone.

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