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Established in 1941 in Monza (ITALY), Elesa began the production of our original designs: a set of handles, knobs, handgrips, and handwheels created for the machine tool market.

In 1960, we enhanced our reputation and prestige by setting standards for these kinds of machine parts in that market sector. 

During the 1970s, participation in the most significant European trade fairs for machine tools allowed ELESA to develop foreign markets by establishing collaboration with some of the most qualified distributors of industrial components worldwide. 

Today, ELESA has 14 overseas subsidiaries in the major Industrialized countries and a sales network which covers more than 60 Countries. 

This broad network of distribution has helped Elesa to broaden the range of products that it manufactures to satisfy the needs of additional market sectors, one of them being the hydraulics equipment market.

With a corporate culture strongly oriented to the use of advanced technology. With product quality and ergonomic design at the forefront of our development efforts. This has led to Elesa being awarded over 200 Patents and 43 industrial design awards.

Design and production activities are concentrated at our Italian headquarters, where tens of millions of pieces are produced every year by utilizing the latest automated production technologies.

Additionally, we have an internal testing laboratory with the most advanced equipment and measuring instruments which carry out mechanical, physical, chemical, electronic, and durability tests on all products. Including during production, as an additional guarantee of consistent product quality.

Elesa operates according to the quality management system, ISO 9001, The Environmental Management system, ISO 14001, and the Occupational Health & Safety system, ISO 18001.

How long has your company been in business?

81 years

What markets do you serve?

Elesa serves a wide variety of end-market sectors with our 18 different product categories. 

Specific to the Hydraulics Accessories category, our products are used in the machine tool, mobile equipment, and lubrication markets. The Hydraulic Accessory product range includes a wide variety of filter breather caps, level gauges, oil level sight gauges, electric level & temperature indicators, oil plugs, and flow indicators. These products are manufactured using the most technically advanced materials so that they can handle a wide variety of fluids and operating temperatures.

What do you feel differentiates your company from your competitors?

Throughout our 81-year history, we have been at the forefront of technology with one aim: creating a range of innovative, ergonomic products that incorporate unique design features and are produced to the highest quality standards. Foresight has led us to use the most advanced production technologies while proposing technical solutions and anticipating worldwide market needs. Our qualified distribution network and range of standard components are always growing, always moving forward.

Why did your company join FPDA?

We look forward to continuing to drive growth, profitability, and Innovation with FPDA. With innovation at the forefront of everything that we do, we thought it pertinent to further our common interests by sharing our time and ideas in a networking environment with other hydraulic and pneumatic distributors to establish ourselves as a foremost distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic accessories and increase our brand awareness across this distributor network and therefore our overall market share. 

Name the benefits you hope to gain from membership in the association.

We plan to leverage the value of the FPDA Membership by taking advantage of the networking, communication services, data insights, education, and professional development opportunities that FPDA offers.

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