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JEM Technical Invests in Corporate Business Management Software

New Epicor ERP software platform enhances order processing and customer service

Orono, MN - JEM Technical, Inc. announces that it has made a strategic investment in state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to optimize its business process management and better serve customers. Clients will benefit from more efficient, secure orders.

The software’s ability to streamline order processing means that customers and suppliers will benefit from sending and receiving payments in less time. Shipping and tracking information along with order history will be easily accessible online for clearer, more consistent communication.

Also, with growing threats to sensitive information, the ERP software securely stores payment data in a cloud system so customers can reduce exposure to cybersecurity risk.

“Migrating to our new ERP system brings JEM Technical to the forefront of business technology while enhancing our customer service,” says Andrea Tysdal, president of JEM Technical. “The software provides increased visibility for better inventory planning and the ability to improve order efficiency. We hope our customers will see how valuable this investment is to our future.”

JEM Technical has employed Epicor’s ERP for Manufacturing Software. As a platform specifically build for manufacturers like JEM, the software enables business growth and innovation necessary to compete in today’s rapidly changing digital marketplace.



About JEM Technical, Inc.

JEM Technical is a fluid power systems integrator for original equipment manufacturers and industrial applications. JEM designs and manufactures custom valve manifolds that include industry leading cartridge valves and electronics which are also available independently through authorized distribution territories in the United States and Canada. The fluid power and motion control experts at JEM Technical have the knowledge and expertise to improve the technology of your equipment to achieve maximum system efficiency.

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