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FPDA Has a New Member: Green Hydraulic Power

Brief company background:

MJC started building their own Variable Frequency Drive equipped Hydraulic Power Units 6 years ago when realizing hydraulic distributors haven’t adapted to this technology yet. This move warranted establishing a separate company, GHP, which has now been in business for 5 years. A great number of systems are now running with little or no maintenance saving our customers up to 80% energy, reducing noise by 20 decibels.


How long has your company been in business?

5 years


How long have you personally worked at the company? In the industry?

I joined GHP 3 years ago as a managing director, and am new to the industry.


What markets do you serve?

All of the Industrial sector with hydraulic power units 10hp or higher.


Who are your biggest customers and who are your biggest suppliers?

Plastic molding, press, and spin/flow forming industries are our biggest customers. 

Our trusted suppliers to name a few: Siemens, Parker, Allen Bradley by Rockwell Automation, ABB, Rexroth, Voith, Schneider Electric, WEG, Baldor, and American Industrial.


What do you feel differentiates your company from your competitors?

Green Hydraulic Power, Inc. is the North American Leader in the development, design, and manufacture of VFD-equipped hydraulic units. As a global supplier and center for excellence, GHP partners with customers to design and manufacture VFD-equipped hydraulic power units using only the highest quality, most reliable, and most efficient components. The result, VFD-equipped hydraulic power solutions that provide decades of reliable energy saving service. This emerging technology is not generally being promoted by hydraulic distributors, but for GHP, this is the only HPU configuration we supply going forward.


Why did your company join FPDA?

To spread awareness about this underutilized emerging technology in the US market.


Name the benefits you hope to gain from membership in the association.

To gain knowledge about the Fluid Power market to better our marketing approach.

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